Letter From the President


This year was a banner year for The Nuckolls Fund as we surpassed the milestone of having given over $1,000,000 in grants and awards.  This year’s distribution of $60,000, with $40,000 in grants and $20,000 in awards, brought the total to $1,055,000 in support of architectural lighting in colleges and universities in North America.   $730,000 has been given to develop and expand lighting design courses, $170,000 has been given in fellowship grants to faculty teaching lighting, and $155,000 has been given to students who excel in their lighting design studies.

Annual contributions make that all possible.  Over the past fiscal year we have received significant donations from B-K Lighting and TEKA Illumination, Daniel L. Blitzer, Enterprise Lighting Sales, The Designers Lighting Forum of New York, the Estate of Corinne Strumpf-Belfer, the Jonas Bellovin Memorial Foundation, The New York City Section of the Illuminating Engineering Society and Zumtobel Lighting.  Significant donations deserve special recognition, but we are grateful for every contribution we receive from individuals, design firms and organizations.  Every donation makes a very real difference.

A $20,000 Lesley Wheel Introductory Lighting Program Grant was awarded to the University of Texas at San Antonio.  Jae Yong Suk, Ph.D. will develop and deliver a new course in lighting design for upper level undergraduate students in both their Architecture and Interior Design programs.

A $10,000 Edison Price Fellowship Grant was awarded to Elif Tural, Ph.D. from Virginia Tech who will pursue a summer internship with the lighting design firm Oculus Light Studio in Los Angeles, California.  A second $10,000 Edison Price Fellowship Grant was awarded to Nam-Kyu Park, Ph.D. from the University of Florida who will pursue a summer internship with the lighting design firm Francis Krahe & Associates in Los Angeles, California.     

The $5,000 Jonas Bellovin Scholar Achievement Award was given to Rohan Nagare from RPI’s Lighting Research Center.  The $5,000 Jules Horton International Student Achievement Award was given to Fatema Almajed from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  She is from Bahrain.  One $5,000 Designers Lighting Forum of New York Student Achievement Award was given to Michael Kuhlenengel from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  A second $5,000 Designers Lighting Forum of New York Student Achievement Award was given to Madeline Halpern from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The grants and awards in 2017 were not given at a LIGHTFAIR luncheon because the logistics became too difficult to manage when LIGHTFAIR began their own luncheon sessions.  Our hope is to coordinate an event associated with the DLFNY’s LEDucation program in 2019.  Since LEDucation occurs in March each year, it is not possible to do that in 2018 as the deadline for Nuckolls Fund proposals has already been officially announced as February 9, 2018.  We plan to move the proposal deadline date to late fall to have time to choose the grant recipients and negotiate the grant agreements thus allowing the Fund to present the grants and awards in March during LEDucation.    

Sadly, I am announcing the resignation of three of The Nuckolls Fund’s board members this year.  Kathy Ankerson, Diarmuid McSweeney, and Glenn Shrum have tendered their resignations and they will all be sorely missed.  I want to thank them for their past dedication to and hard work for the Fund.  The remaining board is actively searching for candidates to fill their vacant positions on the board.  

This year we find the Fund in a state of transition as I have informed The Nuckolls Fund Board of Directors that it is my intention to retire from the board in 2019 when I will have served as President for 30 years.  The board has been very proactive in reacting to my decision and we have already held a strategic planning meeting and have also formed new committees to work on the transition.  I foresee that everything will proceed as smoothly as possible.

It has been both my pleasure and honor to have served as President since the inception of the Fund and to have seen its growth and success over the years.     

As I have urged you in the past, please visit The Nuckolls Fund’s website at www.nuckollsfund.org which has become a resource for educational materials.  All those educational materials are available absolutely free to anyone anywhere.  

The Nuckolls Fund continues to search for creativity, diversity and innovative approaches to lighting education and our goal continues to be the development and expansion of programs in lighting education.  With your continued financial support, we are able to pursue that ongoing mission.  Please make your donation today.

Jeffrey A. Milham