About The Fund

The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education was established in 1988 to support college-level lighting programs that enable students to learn, appreciate, and apply the basics of lighting and design.

Each year, the Fund solicits proposals from colleges and universities for innovative educational ideas that will inspire students with an understanding of light in architecture. Submissions are evaluated by the Fund’s Board of Directors, which includes people from a cross section of the lighting industry as well as the academic community.

The Fund has been awarding grants in support of lighting programs since 1989.

Grants & Awards

The Nuckolls Fund offers funding for three grants each year: The Nuckolls Grant, The Lesley Wheel Grant, and the Edison Price Fellowship Grant. The Milham Catalyst grant is offered every 10 years (next in 2030).  Additionally, four awards are presented yearly to students for outstanding achievement in lighting studies.

Recent Recipients

Current fund activities include grants to universities across the country who are beginning or expanding educational programs, as well as multiple awards for student acheivement.