Milham Catalyst Grant

In the Spring of 2019, we saw the retirement of the Fund’s Founder and President for the past 30 years, Jeffrey Milham.  Jeffrey’s tireless commitment to the Fund has led to a remarkable set of achievements, among them the creation of the original Nuckolls Fund Grant in 1989 to expand college level lighting curricula  – grants totaling $175,00 for 17 programs; followed by Lesley Wheel Grants at $605,000, which provided introductory curricula for 30 programs. These were followed by Edison Price Fellowships worth $185,000 awarded to 19 faculty for teacher enrichment relating to lighting. Additionally, under Jeff’s guidance, the Fund has provided another $195,000 in scholarship stipends to 40 students. This admirable work has provided a substantial foundation of lighting enrichment for thousands throughout the industry.

Approaching the 20th Anniversary of the Nuckolls Fund for 2010, the Board explored the opportunities to expand lighting education with the New Grant Option.  The idea was to provide individuals and schools a means for funding that would further the cause of quality lighting education but did not fall into one of the listed grant categories. The result was the successful lighting modules from the “Lighting Across the (Design) Curriculum” work.

The Jeffrey A. Milham Catalyst Grant is to be awarded every 10 years for a special endeavor dealing directly with lighting education and how it might stimulate a beneficial future for the lighting industry. This newly created decennial landmark grant is a compliment to the achievements of the 2010 New Grant Option.  

This is a new grant option in the amount of $50,000 which will provide for innovative programs which can enact changes in furthering the development of lighting education in unique and challenging ways.

Click here to download the Milham Catalyst Grant RFP