Fund Management

The Nuckolls Fund is guided by a Board of Directors composed of representatives of a broad spectrum of the lighting industry as well as educators with experience in lighting education. The officers of the Fund are members of the Board.

The Fund disburses grant monies according to a detailed schedule and budget submitted by the grant’s principal investigator. The Fund also requires written reports at each phase of the grant to demonstrate performance. A final report assesses the project and offers recommendations for further action. This monitoring process not only looks to the proper use of funds and successful completion of work; it also suggests ways in which the Fund can improve its work overall.

All those who participate on The Nuckolls Fund’s Board of Directors serve on a volunteer basis.  The Fund has one part-time paid staff called the Fund Administrator.  Expenses are less than 2% of endowment which keeps operating costs at a minimum.  Contributions to The Nuckolls Fund really do go directly to education.

Board of Directors

Daniel L. Blitzer
Practical Lighting Workshop
Fund Treasurer
Julie Blankenheim
Chicago Lightworks
Tom Butters
The Lighting Agora
Erin Speck
George Washington University
Conor Sampson
CS Designs and McGill University
Brian Stacy, Arup
Lee D. Waldron
Grenald Waldron Associates

Board members and the institutions by which they are employed are ineligible to apply for any grant awarded by The Nuckolls Fund. No board member can be a principal investigator, co-investigator, collaborator, advisor, supporter, endorser, or have any financial involvement in any proposal. Proposals from campuses other than the one where the board member is employed would be eligible.